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An incredible community of backers.

Thank you!!Danke!!Gracias!!Bedankt!!Gracies!!ありがとう!!Merci Beaucoup!!Takk!!Grazie!!Terima Kasih!!谢谢!! All is possible because of YOU!!

You are the backbone of this project and now we start the best part of all: making your Aktivo Scoots. All @Aktivo Team are excited to watch you enjoy and ride your Scoot in the coming months.

Thanks also to all of you that backed us and canceled along the way, you were part of this project as well.

We are here to make this dream happen together with all of you. We look forward starting to work with each of you on your Aktivo Scoot.

Why Should I Buy From AKTIVO

Design & Built

We never compromise in quality. We only use the best materials and design the most stunning vehicles.

Superior Support

We take our customer service very seriously. Drop us a line, we always respond.

6-month Warranty

All our scooters come with 6-months warranty covering all the important parts of any manufacturing issues.

Factory Tested

Every scooter has been factory tested before being packed and shipped to you.
AKTIVO Scoot | Hubless Electric Scooters