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Yes, when the scooter runs out of battery, you can kick it as a regular scooter, but it does have a bit of drag. Not much though.

Each country, state and city has its own laws and restrictions. Please review your local motor vehicle rules and laws.

Yes we have carefully applied for all the required certifications such as: CEC, FCC, DOE, UL2272, ROHS, REACH, EN 2006/66/EC, EN6/1558-2-29 CB, UN38.3, and CE.

AKTIVO Scoot is delivered with instructions in a securely packed box and requires minimal assembly. It takes 5 minutes to start enjoying your first ride.

In this scooter's version it is not possible to adjust the height, as it reduces the strength of the stem. The height of the handle bar is fixed at 113cm / 44.4in .

The AKTIVO Scoot tires, are user replaceable, and require very few easy steps. Good news is, the tires being solid and reinforced, you practically won't ever need to change them.

Yes, the scooter has a control cruise function allowing it to keep a steady speed when ever needed. To deactivate this function simply press the brake or accelerate pressing the throttle.

Yes, the front wheel is installed into a shock absorption that alleviates small terrain bumps and imperfections.

In our first version this has not been implemented. We will consider such system in future scooter versions.

This is not possible as the regulations states that batteries above 100W/h cannot be checked in, or carry on airplanes. Our battery is 280.8W/h so it is above the permitted ones.


The AKTIVO Scoot is available in 2 different maximum speed modes 25km/h (15.5mph) and 30km/h (18.6mph). Note that to experience the maximum speed of the AKTIVO scooter, the scooter needs to be charged at least 25% or above. The maximum speed also varies depending on the type of terrain, wind, and weight of the rider.

Most country's regulations don't allow for scooters over 25km/h (15.5mph) to ride in streets with other vehicles and pedestrians. Also AKTIVO Scoot's 1000W motor generates extra power for climbing steeper hills making this a vehicle for all scenarios.

The maximum range of the AKTIVO Scoot is in average 20 to 25Km (15.5miles) tested in flat terrains, with a rider weighting 80Kg and a speed of 25km/h (15.5mph).

The AKTIVO Scoot is 13Kg.

The AKTIVO Scoot has been built to transport riders up to 120Kg.

Thanks to its powerful 1000W motor, the AKTIVO Scoot can handle slopes up to 20 degrees and climb most hills easily. In addition the user can choose to set a specially dedicated CLIMB mode that increase the motor's torque when needed.

The scooter has grade IP54 and has engineered rubber joints protecting the motor wheel, the back wheel and the main electronics from water and dust.

The AKTIVO Scoot features a double brake lever that actions a regenerative brake in the front wheel, and a mechanical brake made of ceramic ensuring the scooter stops exactly when needed. Besides being very safe, it also produces kinetic energy stored back in the battery and reused later.

To avoid flat tires and frequent maintenance, the AKTIVO uses solid 56mm / 2.2in tires.

The AKTIVO Scooter can be seen from 360degrees when riding at night. The powerful front LED light illuminates the way, the red back tail light indicates others of the scooter's position and when braking, and the LED lights installed in the inner rims of the wheels make the scooter visible from both left and right sides.

Battery & Charging

With any of the AKTIVO chargers, charging the scooter is fast and convenient. With our 2A super fast charger it just takes 3hours and with our 3A Ultra fast charger it takes 2hours.

Our high quality LG battery is designed to last between 500 to 800 cycles depending on the charger used, and the percentage of discharge at start of each battery charging cycle. With faster chargers such as the 3A one, the cycles are reduced because of its high power.

AKTIVO provides 2 fast charger options. One at 2A and second one at 3A.

The AKTIVO Scoot is powered by one of the world leaders in battery technologies, LG. Our battery, the LG Lithium Ion 30 Cell 36V 7.8Ah has excellent levels of safety and balanced power per cell.

The battery status is displayed directly at the scooter's dashboard so you never run out of battery unexpectedly. Also, downloading our AKTIVO App, you can expect detail telemetry on battery levels, battery health, temperature, charging cycles, etc...

For best battery health and increase the battery cycles, it is recommended to never discharge the battery under 10%. Do not leave the scooter with low levels of discharge for long periods of times. If not frequently used, make sure to charge and keep the charge healthy at least once a month.

Never charge the AKTIVO Scoot with other chargers than the one recommended and provided with the product. It could cause fire or damage to the scooter.

The AKTIVO Scoot chargers are powerful chargers tested specifically for AKTIVO Scoot and shouldn't be used to charge or power any other product including other scooter brands. It could cause fire or damage to the scooter.

The battery can't be swap by another one or charged outside of the scooter. It’s not meant to be removed unless the battery needs to be replaced because of malfunction. The battery charger is plugged into a port on the side of the chassis underneath the riding deck to charge your battery.

Never leave the scooter charging unattended. Do not charge in extremely humid or hot environments. Do not alter the charger nor the batteries provided by AKTIVO.

Charging or discharging at temperatures over 0 to 40degrees Celsius might affect the performance of the battery. Store the scooter in temperatures between -20 and 60 degrees Celsius. Avoid long exposures in the sun.

Warranty & Returns

Yes. We offer a minimum of six (6) months limited warranty on all AKTIVO purchases covering any defects or issues coming from manufacturing or product quality. We replace the scooter no questions asked. After 6 months and up to 2 years, we cover repairs and fixing any issues specially on electronic components. Note this does not cover damages incurred by rider usage. Any modification of the electronics, battery, controller, motor will not be serviced or supported by the warranty.

Please contact your local dealer and check your local rules. Each country has different warranty rules as this is provided by the dealer whom you bought the scooter from.

Please check with your local dealer, as this is directly taken care by them.

Do's and Don'ts

If you regularly clean and maintain your electric scooter, it will extend its life. If the electric scooter surface is dirty, wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Always check the status of your tires before riding.

Technical Support

Please contact the local dealer from whom you purchased the scooter. They should support on customer service, repairs and spare parts.

Visit our AKTIVO Support page to download user manuals and watch our tutorial videos.