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Elegance Meets Performance

A marvel of engineering and design, the AKTIVO Scoot is the perfect balance between elegance and performance.

Built from a single-piece magnesium frame, and propelled by an astonishing empty wheel electric motor, this is a scooter for daily use.

Active Wheel

Most advanced wheel ever.

AKTIVO Scoot’s 1000W hub-less electric motor is by far the most powerful motor in an electric scooter of this category to date. This innovative brushless motor uses a set of 60 magnets to deliver an unprecedented torque output and speed control to take you literally anywhere. Besides looking out of this world, the system features position lights, and braking lights together with a high efficiency ceramic brake.

Aktivo Scoot electric scooter 1000w motor
AKTIVO Scoot electric scooter 20degree hill climbing

20 degrees Hill Climbing

AKTIVO Scoot electric scooter steering

High Steering Accuracy

Aktivo scoot electric scooter ceramic brake

Ceramic Brake

AKTIVO Scoot electric scooter no maintenance

No Maintenance

AKTIVO Scoot electric scooter looks stunning

Looks Stunning

Climb with ease

Forget about pushing your electric scooter uphill, the AKTIVO Scoot handles 20 degrees slopes like a champ. Our engineers have spent countless hours developing a true vehicle to take you anywhere. From going to work, to getting quick errands done; from catching that gym class on time, to lunch break escapes; AKTIVO Scoot is the perfect personal transporter.

Built to perform

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The AKTIVO Scoot has been designed with specifications for daily use in mind. Cruise at 30km/h and get to your destination up to 25km in a single charge.

Take it everywhere

AKTIVO Scoot’s 13kg and 3 second folding mechanism create a fully portable last mile vehicle. Easily stored in the trunk of your car or sideways in the subway/train, the AKTIVO Scoot is always ready to help you commute to your next destination.

Aktivo Scoot foldable electric scooter

See and be seen

The AKTIVO Scoot is equipped with 360 degree lights that will keep you safe in any occasion. With lights inside the wheels, not only it looks super cool and modern, but you can be sure to be seen from any angle. In addition, turn on the powerful front LED light to see your way when you cruise at night.
And if that wasn’t enough, it also comes with a red brake taillight, that flashes when you brake.

Aktivo Scoot electric scooter light

Ultra fast charging

While most scooters in the market offer 1A chargers performing a single battery charge in about 5 hours, at AKTIVO we believe recharging as fast as possible is key to completing your daily journey. That’s why we offer 2A or 3A chargers with our Scoot packages, charging the battery in just 3 or 2 hours.

With 3A Charger
With 2A Charger
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Regenerative Braking

The electric motor located in the front wheel recovers kinetic energy and transforms it into electric power. When the rider brakes, these types of brakes put the scooter’s electric motor into reverse mode, causing it to run backwards, thus slowing the scooter’s wheels. While running backwards, the motor also acts as an electric generator, producing electricity that’s then fed into the scooter’s batteries. The extra power is stored back and reused when necessary, extending the riding range.

A safe ride

The Scoot is a joy to ride and packs great safety features so you get to your destination with ease. Just like a car or a motorcycle, it is ready to hit the streets giving you precise control and letting others know you are there. This is a true daily personal transporter you can trust on the road.

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Magnesium Frame

AKTIVO Scoot’s unibody magnesium frame offers higher resistance to bumps or curves. Users can drive safely through different pavement conditions without worries.
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Double Action Brake

The AKTIVO Scoot features a double action brake. By pressing the handle brake, a specially developed software actions the motor and ceramic brake, both integrated in the wheel. The system increases braking efficiency and guarantees that the Scoot will stop exactly when and where the rider wants.
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Solid Tires

The tires are made from high quality rubber and do not need any maintenance or inflating. AKTIVO Scoot tires are solid and ready to last hundreds of rides.

Complete dashboard

Check your speed and battery levels while riding. Control your position and front headlight as you cruise at night.
Connect to the AKTIVO App to get full access to extended functions such as riding modes, travelling distance, statistics, hardware health, and more.

AKTIVO Scoot electric scooter speed


AKTIVO Scoot electric scooter light status

Light Status

AKTIVO Scoot electric scooter battery status

Battery Status

AKTIVO Scoot electric scooter range

Distance Travelled

Fingertip control

The AKTIVO App gets you real time insights on your vehicle’s condition, battery charging status, information about your trips, and complete data log. Through the AKTIVO App you can select the riding mode that best suits your need: FUN or ECO.
Furthermore, you can update the AKTIVO Scoot latest software, learn how to properly ride your vehicle or check the remaining autonomy while planning your day trips.
All of this is possible from the AKTIVO App.

Who we are

At AKTIVO we develop futuristic electric transporters, that are efficient, look stunning and are a joy to ride.

Aktivo scoot electric scooter team
A team of riders and designers.

AKTIVO has 7 proprietary patents applied on the AKTIVO Scoot and the Active Wheel hubless electric motor.

Our team are real experts on electric motors. Acquiring know-how through research and development of electric aviation power system. Creating the first ultralight electric skateboard, E-Go Cruiser, in 2013. And from there, to manufacture more than 100,000 electric skateboards since 2015.

AKTIVO Scoot manufacturing icon
Our own production line.

At AKTIVO we control every single step of the manufacturing process. We want to deliver high quality vehicles with the latest technologies and streamlined cost structure. To ensure this, we took the decision to conduct all the adding value processes in-house together with EWHEELIN, one of the biggest manufacturers of electric motors for personal transporters.

At AKTIVO we have been always in the forefront of innovation in the electric power systems space for personal transporters: from the first micro brushless motors, to creating the compact hub motor wheels fitted in most of the electric skateboards around the world, to the current AKTIVO Scoot hub-less wheel. Our engineers have been leading the breakthroughs until today.

At AKTIVO we provide high performance personal transporters made of the best materials and components. Ultra-light Magnesium alloys, LG efficient lithium batteries or ceramic brakes. We never compromise on quality.

   More than 100.000 Electric skateboards supplied since 2015


Max Speed
Size (Folded)
1030 x 428 x 443mm
Size (Unfolded)
1030 x 428 x 1130mm
36V 7.8Ah
Max. Rider weight
120 Kg
Water resistance
Power output
36V 5200mAh 1000W
Charging time
2.5 Hours
Hill Climbing
20 Degrees
AKTIVO Scoot | Hubless Wheel Electric scooter